Planner Should Utilize a Funny Motivational Speaker at a Meeting

Ever thought about retaining the services of a funny motivational speaker for a meeting or conference? Meeting planners understand the importance of making sure that their events provide information to their audience. But what about inspiration, as well fun? Isn’t inspiration and having fun a component of helping people achieve more?

Let’s consider 5 reasons why a meeting or event planner should utilize a funny motivational speaker at a meeting:

Reason #1 – First and foremost, a funny motivational speaker delivers a “mental break” in a way that no video, skit or slide show could ever provide. Whether your group consists of sales reps, employees, executives or customers, the goal of any meeting or conference is to share important content with that group and persuade them to do something (i.e.: improve productivity, increase sales, enhance safety, invest in your products, etc.). Yet how much information, statistics, and power points can people take in, before they reach “overload” status? By providing a presenter that offers a fun, interactive, and inspiring program, you give your group a “mental break,” which allows for any content that you have shared with them to “sink in,” as well as the opportunity to provide more messaging to a now relaxed and attentive audience.

Reason #2 – Every group needs to hear that despite all the challenges they are facing and changes they may incur, that they will be able to handle them. Every industry has challenges and few are not undergoing massive changes. One of several consequences to challenges and changes is that people become nervous, angry, fearful or stressed. A funny motivational speaker – who is good at what he or she does – can not only provide ideas and strategies to help your group gain insight to many of these feelings and emotions, but also, through the use of humor, “take the bite” out of tough situations. As Mark Twain once said, “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.” No matter what your group might be going through, humor and inspiration can aid your group in dealing with their challenges.

Reason #3 – Every meeting includes the aspect of networking. When your group enjoys a speaker, they will talk about it throughout the meeting, as well as share it with others when they go back to their office. Achieving that kind of “mind share” after your meeting is over – is magic… that’s gold! However, if you just offer the same old thing – boring speaker after speaker, power points and stats, videos, cocktails, a casino night, food, etc. – then your event just blends in with all the other meetings your guests have attended. By offering something fun and unique, you give your guests something they’ll remember and talk about.

Reason #4 – Most motivational speakers customize their presentation, so that it makes sense to your group. This aids you in providing needed information from an “outside party,” which provides a higher level of impact than hearing similar information from “one of your own.” Additionally, the speaker is able to reinforce specific messages that you want your group to hear. For example, as an entertaining motivational speaker, I am able to reinforce my client’s key messages through demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as clean humor and audience participation. Another example may be a juggler who uses juggling as a metaphor to deal with life’s challenges. In either example, not only are key messages reinforced, but they are also presented in a unique and fun way.

Reason #5 – Finally, most entertaining and motivational speakers are reasonably priced. You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a celebrity. You, also, don’t need to hire a speaker’s agency or use an agent. Just do a search for entertaining motivational speakers on the internet, watch demo videos available online, view the testimonials and directly call the speaker.

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