Funny Motivational Posters

Tech savvy guys continuously wander on the internet a lot. In those days, when the internet was just in the development phase, there was abundant exchange of knowledge. Also it could not reach the masses. So this made a very few people to access.

The trend changed gradually. There was the era of upcoming innovations. Scientists slowly made much effort to develop cheaper and efficient materials to facilitate the spread among the masses. In the 80s, the internet speed just reached 56kb/s. It was sufficient to exchange small information. Researchers were done continuously and the net speed increased. Many new protocols were introduced. People downloaded heavy media contents. Many people made huge media collections. Bookworms read books which we call e-learning. Bobbins never knew what to do. Sexoholics were always behind adult contents.

All were on their way when the trend among the netizens changed slowly. People became bored of the things they did usually. The same person cannot write the same letter a hundred times. This kept on rising. They witnessed a latest vogue on the internet. That was the Funny Motivational Posters. These posters which are created by anonymous users entertain the people a lot. Not only do they entertain them but also motivate them. They refresh the mind in instances of heavy work. A same joke can be heard many times. So can be the same such poster be stared many times. Without disturbing the brain, they motivate them and create a smile on the face. These posters introduce anything from animals, funny bloopers and even screw ups. Who can make such posters, even you can make. Anyone can make a good poster and make others laugh and even motivate them in a funny manner.

Well Funny Motivational Posters – Are they demotivators? Yes, they may sometimes be irritating and hurt people’s sentiments. They may obviously not motivate them, but they often entertain them and this makes them always in demand as long as we the people need the longest laugh on our face. This sudden trend of such posters also known as Meme in the internet etymology, which now became Funny Demotivational Posters, lie beyond the thought of giving any motivation. Actually they demotivate them. Mostly they are used to pass silly comments on someone and make others laugh. What one man’s sorrow is another man’s joy! Thus insulting someone may make others laugh. Thus it affects their sentiments. Most often, they are used to remark people on their mistakes, in a very black humor and are often purposely depressing. While earlier they were motivational, now they hardly do. They even comment on some Funny Motivational posters. While the earlier ones maintained their task, now they have long being abandoned. Although the posters vary a lot, but all of them have the same format-a simple or a black border, split by another black border having a white or a lightly-colored line, and a few bold words at the bottom another with an image inside.

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