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Funny Video and Entertainment

So Google buys YouTube for $1.6B in stock and cash and suddenly the world wakes up. The result, hundreds of new entries into the funny video, video sharing and music video marketplace. I have heard many complaints about the sudden influx of content sites. To them I say, “shut it!”. There can NEVER be enough content on the web. It is what the internet was born to do (aside from ubiquitous communication of course).

The aspect of this video surge that I find fascinating is the myriad of flavors and functions that have begun to emerge. Whether it is a video production for the sake of product exposure from Warner Brother’s Spider Man 3 release to Billy Bob and his brother’s run in with a tired opossum caught on tape, it is all interesting. But, most important is the purpose of the video and content site as the technology and creativity continues to evolve. Many sites are quickly seeing the value of aggregation and sharing within its own competitive community as well as developing new technologies to produce, publish and compare. The future looks bright my friends, hold on to your hats.

I have reviewed just a few of these sites for my own curiosity. Here they are:

Blip TV

Category: Video Upload and Sharing with Publishing Options

Ease of Use: The first thing that hits you with is the clean structure and well spaced content. It does not over use color or dark space. But, the most useful feature has to be the channel selector scrolling feature on the main page. You can easily browse through the many channels they have to offer with very quick response.

Social Networking Options: Once any feed is uploaded to, you are offered the immediate and repeated ping to technorati as well as cross posting to Myspace, Flickr and Additionally, they have automatic feeds to Yahoo video, AOL video and MSN video. If your intent is monetization, is well plugged in and considered a big dog in this space.

Speed: Overall rating is Excellent. Their main page is light at 22KB and loads in less than .25 sec.

Content: Very deep content and very well managed. The video database is extensive and the most popular items are very clean. Their video channels are also very creative and professional. You have many options for fun, general entertainment, even some activism if you so desire. Although I wouldn’t categorize this as a funny video site, overall, this video site is very impressive and deserves much credit on the product.

Google Video

Category: Video Upload and Sharing

Ease of Use: It is typical Google. The interface is very clean, but equally basic. Not a great deal of bling to it. It does, however, allow you to add video metadata for all of your files as well as a transcript. As you would expect, integration with Google AdSense is a no brainer.

Social Networking Options: The video verification process is slow and unnecessary, see my thoughts below. Nothing here to speak of.

Speed: As you would expect speed is excellent, although I’m a bit surprised the main page is not very light at 130KB. But, of course, they have the fattest pipes in the market at sub .01KB/sec.

Content: Google video has six main channels including comedy and music videos. As expected, the music videos are non-licensed in nature and although amusing, not what I was looking for. At the top of the TV Shows channel, you can buy “One Hour with Bill Gates on the Charlie Rose Show” for .99 cents. Wow, what a deal. I’ll pass, but thank you. Quite frankly, Google is hamstrung on content due to the behemoth that it is and can subsequently never show anything that has even an inkling of proprietary conflict. Overall, I was very disappointed.


Category: Video Entertainment Aggregator

Ease of Use: This site might be the friendliest of all reviewed, believe it or not. The channel structure is very simple (listed at top) and the search interface hits you right in the face from the beginning. Some additional features include multiple source options for videos (very handy for protected content), wiki style video tag search option on main page and two separate tabbed tables for most viewed and newest additions. Very clean.

Social Networking Options: Very effective method used here. For every item selected there exists a tabbed and copy option for Myspace, Xanga, Bebo and even general blog entries for immediate inclusion. Very simple, very slick.

Speed: Very lightweight front page at 40KB and excellent load rates at .01KB/sec.

Content: Maybe the only possible downside to this video entertainment site. The content is good, but many “content unavailable” links exist within the music video section, which is the main focus. This is understandable as music video rights are in constant conflict, but cleanup is needed. But, overall, as a music video and funny video focused site, Videocodezone does an excellent job.


Category: Video Entertainment Aggregator

Ease of Use: This is one of the sites I manage, but I will be brutally honest with myself and you. The current interface is very simple but free of any useful options other than search. As an aggregator, it is simply indexing from many locations in an attempt to find the most appropriate content for the user. And in this role it does a good job. But, really at this point, Slubber is quite featureless. But, this will change as a second revision is on its way. Of course, I will review again.

Social Networking Options: None at this time, but seamless Myspace Layout integration is on the way.

Speed: Very lightweight frontpage at 50KB with load rates at .01KB/sec.

Content: Currently content is average, but many feeds currently exist from college humor sites. So content is very different from that of the main players here and thus is worthy of review. But, clearly, for the next revision the content feed option needs to be jacked up substantially. I recommend checking this site out and again reviewing by end of summer. Many changes “are a comin”.

Crackle (formerly Grouper)

Category: Video Sharing and Entertainment with Focus on Publication

Ease of Use: Extremely simple to navigate. The main page is loaded with different navigation options to one of its deep list of video channels. Crackle is really focused on production quality releases and thus has geared the main page along those lines. The site could easily be considered its own TV show.

Social Networking Options: RSS is fully integrated with many options for site integration as well as pre-integrated with all of the main players including Friendster and But, it doesn’t really offer much in the way of personal integration so don’t look for much hot linking help here.

Speed: Main page is light at 12KB but load rate is medium at best at .03s/KB. Does that translate into poor performance for you? No, it does not. But, relative to other players it is on the slower side.

Content: This is where Crackle shines. Crackle content is all production quality with some of the most interesting and well done features I have seen on the net. It is obvious this company is very committed to insuring content quality versus content quantity. There was a long list of quality funny video entries as well as music video channels. I highly recommend a visit, but make sure you have lots of time to spare since there is a lot to see.


I wanted to get to couple of other entries for this review, but I have a South African Syrah calling my name. I intend to take a deep look at Dogster and Videoegg on the next round as well as some older players like Revver, YouTube and maybe even Viveo.

Overall, all of the sites were of good use in one form or another. I was definitely most “wowed” by Crackle just from the quality of presentation and content. Videocodezone definitely provided the best integration for social networking. My greatest disappoint was Google Video. Honestly, I thought it was pointless. Google Video has no shortage of cash but yet it seemed the least creative and most protective of its corporate structure. We will see how it evolves. Out.

Hilarious and Funny Videos

Are you bored or exhausted from a grueling day at work? There is a good relaxation method you should adopt. Too many people nowadays watch hilarious and funny videos to get some laughter, giggles and smiles. A good laugh out of funny videos can make you feel better. Humor and funny stuffs has for a long time been a good type entertainment. You will not only laugh but it does make your energy level more elevated and active.

You can either watch these hilarious and funny videos either on television or from your favorite online social utility networking site. Between the two types of getting yourself hilarious and funny videos, both have their advantage and disadvantages. If you are the type of guy who loves to watch them on television, you may need to wait for the exact time when they will air the show. So say, you are already home at five pm and the show starts at eight pm, then you need to wait until eight pm. By then you would have probably have slip into doing something else that may stress you.

Watching these humorous and funny videos online can be more easily accomplished. You have more varieties and choices if you decide to do it online. But you have to be a member of the social networking site in order to view more of these stuffs. Membership into one of these online social utility networking sites give some flexibility. You can watch and you can also upload your own humorous and hilarious video let the rest of the world watch what you have captured. And with sites it is not limited to videos but humorous and hilarious pictures and funny text messages can be posted too.

There are so many things you can do with an online social networking site. It is not only your humor and funny stuffs but instant text messaging of joke and anything that can make your friends and classmates laugh. Thus a social site can offer more than a television does. The easy access to a whole variety and choices of humor and jokes makes it more attractive than waiting for your television show to be aired. There are movies that can entertain you but still, in the whole scheme of things, going to the internet is easier.

When you compare the accessibility and the time element, an online social utility networking site is the better choice. Watch some hilarious and funny videos for your entertainment on the internet or online is much better. You too can upload your very own funny videos and let your classmates, friends, coworkers and people around watch too. It is an excellent entertainment for you and your family especially if your stress and exhausted from work.

Corporate Party Entertainment

Creativity and organization are the SECRET to a good party!

The problem with most Holiday Party Committees is that they usually don’t continue year after year. Valuable information is lost or forgotten by those who were on the committee.

It’s always a great idea to keep a list that changes and gets better each year. This way next year’s group doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

By a list I mean intricate notes of what worked, what didn’t and what can or cannot be repeated.

Each year’s budget should be included so they can be used as a starting point and modified depending on the number of people coming to the party.

Decide on a theme

Themes can make or break a party. Sure it can be the usual seasonal theme but with a twist. It could be a magical Christmas party where everyone at the table gets a simple and fun prepackaged magic trick they have to “perform for the table”. Anything to promote fun at the table will elevate the atmosphere of the entire room.


If you are producing the party at the business premises or at a banquet hall, try getting a group of people together to brighten things up with simple decorations. At Christmas or Halloween it’s pretty easy to get tons of stuff at a dollar store to create an atmosphere that will help project the spirit you want to accomplish.

Don’t just throw some cut outs on the wall and confetti on the table. Try thinking about little details such as the paper napkins (holiday theme) tied together with a little bit of ribbon. These little touches go a LOOOOONG way. Funny messages or cute jokes in envelopes under each plate; Secret gifts taped under one chair per table (make them shareable such as jelly beans, etc).

If your guests aren’t interacting… IT’S NOT A PARTY!

Find out how many are thinking of attending

There is no way you can decide on a budget for a party if you don’t even know how many you expect to have there. Keep records year to year and it will give you an indication, but the all time best way is to just ask. At least this way you will have an estimate which will tell you if you also need to “Promote” the party and entice more to come. Tell them about the features, contests, prizes, entertainment, incredible food – FREE BOOZE (well maybe not free).

This impacts on where the party will be held as well as the amount of food and drink needed. It also gives you an indication of how big or small the event NEEDS to be. If you only have 14 people you can cancel the band! But if you end up with 500, you might be looking for the trained monkeys that do impressions of your favorite TV stars.

Decide on a Budget – see above

This should include but not be limited to:

  • Hall or facility rental
  • Food per person
  • Alcohol and/or Non-Alcoholic drinks
  • Server Costs (if not included in food prep)
  • Tips for servers
  • Cab fares or transportation fund (see Before/After Party)
  • Decorations
  • Invitations
  • Printing costs
  • Entertainment/DJ
  • Party Gifts for all guests
  • Photographer/Video Recorder
  • Prizes for contests
  • Specialized lighting or sound equipment for LIVE Entertainment
  • Staging, Curtains, Band
  • Hotel Rooms if needed
  • Taxes
  • Misc. expenses up to 10% of budget for anything unforeseen.

Get a hall, Restaurant or room to put on the party (yes it’s obvious but if you don’t do it early enough your choices will be limited)

Food is the great incentive to any party – but remember the vegetarians, lactose intolerant and people who are allergic to nuts, Vegans and picky eaters. Buffets are the best solution, since long sit down affairs with endless waiting for food can drag your party down the boredom trail!

Pre-plan your music for each phase of the party, before, during and after the meal. Consult with your DJ company to make sure they have age appropriate music and quite a variety, from oldies to new age, hip hop to jazz as well as ethnic and country. Know your own crowds’ tastes (survey them!), so you can let the DJ know what your guests like. This will give the DJ a huge advantage right from the get go.

A good DJ can get a feel for the crowd very quickly but not all DJs are created equal. Go and see some in action. Get their information from the ones you like and book them right away. A really good one is usually booked a year in advance, usually by the parties that they just played for the following year.

How about making up a simple CD compilation disc for a small party. With burning software you could have dozens of combinations in a day!

The fun starts with your invitations – Think outside the box. If you personalize the invitation, you are far more likely to get a positive response. Try funny pictures of them from last year’s party. It may take a little work but in the end the details are what generate the excitement.

Photographer (see before and after)

A professional or even one of the committee should take both still photos and video of the party. Great memories won’t be lost and it’s a good record for next year’s committee.

Take pictures of the guests as they come in. Have several funny hats or costumes available for them to wear or just capture the smiles.

Introduce Everyone! For large or small corporate parties why not give each person a personalized Santa or funny hat so people can see each others names. It’s a lot better then a cheesy stick-on name tag and will get people talking to each other!

Contests – in your invitation, offer prizes for the people who are dressed up the best from antlers to Santa suits. Encourage cheerful holiday clothing, jewelry, hats, or anything that their imagination can dream up! Everyone gets to vote for their favorite at the party.

Entertainment is ALWAYS a winner.

Most parties have the predictable cocktails, dinner, dance, etc. If you REALLY want to spice things up, a professional entertainer with a proven track record, good testimonials (that you can contact) and a guarantee from them that they will blow everyone away is essential!

Go to a performance they might have in the near future, look on the Internet or cruise the Yellow Pages. Have a list of questions so you can quickly get the essential information. How a performer talks to you about their act could be as important as the act itself. CALL their past clients to see what they really felt about the show!

Games and Prizes- OH YEAH!

Audience interaction is always the key to a great party!

Try a Holiday Trivia challenge with 4 teams of randomly selected participants and include questions that have a personal company meaning. This “IN JOKE” will help promote fun conversations at the tables by having company members explain it to the table or their guest.

How about Movie or 70’s TV trivia, or name the Corporate Logo. No letters or insignia like apple’s logo but a lot harder ones like CISCO or BMW’s without the letters.

Just go to Google and select Corporate Logo’s and voila’ instant game. They could be projected or printed on small cards, etc.

Of course name that tune is great but how about a Karaoke portion where they have to sing it with the correct line or 2 of the lyric!

Before and After the Party

If you have alcohol at the event, prepare alternative transportation such as cab vouchers, van rides, buses or even designated drivers. Make sure that the restaurant, hall or hospitality room knows to not over serve the guests. This can be a tricky situation. It is especially important that there are plans in hand to help smooth over a potentially embarrassing moment for the guest as well as the host company, if an unruly guest over indulges.

What about parting gifts? It was always a hit at your Birthday Party; Nothing has changed in all those years. It is a finishing touch that will long be remembered. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be pleasantly memorable. A beautiful Tree Ornament that has a company significance or a nice Photo Frame containing their picture, you had taken at the beginning of the evening (you have to love those digital cameras and printers with glossy stock!).

The Human Need For Jokes and Entertainment

Entertainment is something people need in their lives, as they get bored of their daily existence. People want to have fun at the end of the day. They want to see funny things and crack jokes. That is the reason why entertainment industry is a huge industry worth billions of dollars. Since the time immemorial, humans used to find things to entertain themselves. Archaeologists have found evidence of cavemen enjoying themselves with music, dance and some kinds of art forms.

Humor is a great way to entertain a large number of people. This is a reason why cracking jokes have been a universal thing found in all countries of the world in one form or the other. A joke is a short and funny story, which shows someone or something in bad light while making people laugh. Jokes normally end with some surprising or funny, or strange twist that can evoke strong emotions in the listener.

The industry that provides entertainment and other sources of amusement for people at a large scale is known as the entertainment industry. In modern times there are many forms of entertainment. Cinema, drama, music, dance, arts are some of the forms of entertainment. Various forms of entertainment cater to various tastes of people. For example, fine arts attract people with finer sensibilities. On the other hand, music attracts young people who want to have fun. Fiction writing is also a form of entertainment that caters to people’s higher intellectual pursuits. Humor and romance are the most popular elements of entertainment, followed by fantasy, glamor and mystery.

In modern world, people have access to sophisticated means to entertain themselves. Now a days people have access to lots of entertainment means like games, circus, cinema, TV, music, dance, etc. After the advent of the Internet, this new medium has emerged as a big source of entertainment. Now a days lots of entertainment web portals offer items for entertainment, including jokes, funny pictures, music downloads, desktop wallpapers, screen savers, riddles, etc.

Funny Pictures For a Good Laugh

When the economy looks gloomy, everyone needs some humor for a good laugh. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” That’s probably true to a certain extent. Laughter can most certainly help relieve stress. And as we all know, too much stress can be harmful to health. Fortunately, there are tons of free resources on the Internet that will have you in stitches in no time. Let’s take a look at some of these resources.

Funny pictures.

There are all kinds of funny pictures on the Internet. Some are based on true events, while others are created just for a few good laughs. For instance, you can find entertainment images of your favorite celebrities. Mostly, these are images that are edited by fans and posted on various humor sites. There are literally hundreds (or thousands) of such images on the web. You just have to know where to look.

Cool stuff.

Cool stuff is entertaining as well. These are pictures that may or may not be funny. But there are very interesting. People tend to circulate such pictures via email to their family and friends because these images look cool. Looking cool means the subject of focus is something that is out of the ordinary. For instance, you may see a picture of a cool robot that is created from scrap metal.


Illusions can provide hours and hours of entertainment. These images are created with the intention of fooling the perception of the viewer. The illusions are mostly created with clever image editing tricks. A single image can be used to represent more than one view – depending on how you look at the picture. Usually, you will need to spend a few minutes on each picture just to be able to see the optical illusion.

Funny kids pictures.

Children are always fun to have around. They get into lots of funny situations because of their innocence. Many children photos don’t even need to be edited. The original photos are already pretty funny. Besides, children have the liberty to do anything they want without getting into trouble. So the possibilities for great pictures are endless. For example, a young child posing as a football fan can show the middle finger and look cute. An adult showing the middle finger will certainly come across as offensive!

Military images.

Sometimes, a serious environment can create the most hilarious situations. For those who enjoy military jokes, such images are ideal. Jokes are often based on soldiers and interesting looking weaponry.

Funny people pictures.

Children can be funny, but sometimes, adults get into humorous situations as well. Many of these pictures or snapshots of adults making funny faces. On occasions, you get to see funny things happening to adults in real life. These are usually shots that are captured while an adult is working. During the act, an accident happens (like falling off a ladder). Adults clowning around can be quite funny at times.

Political jokes.

Many people like to make fun of politicians. Instead of adopting a serious view about politics, many bloggers and webmasters create funny pictures of key figures. These images tend to attract more readers.

Note that most of the works mentioned above are created purely for entertainment. If you find some of the jokes to be offensive, simply shut them out. Just browse less offensive images like children’s funny pictures.

Speech Funny and Entertaining

Best man speech jokes are used to make a best man speech more funny and entertaining to the wedding guests. Not all of us has a wicked sense of humor, but keeping a few tips in mind can help you to prepare and deliver a stunning and entertaining speech. Normally it is expected of the best man to be funny and hilarious and roast the groom. The golden rule of any best man speech is to have the perfect mixture of humor and sentiment. It is up to you to make sure you deliver a memorable speech and keep the guests entertained. Lets have a look at some Do’s and Don’ts of Best Man Speech Jokes.

Do’s Of Best Man Speech Jokes

– Keep your jokes short, catchy, funny and to-the-point
– Practice your jokes beforehand on some friends
– Vary your voice when telling jokes and use different facial expressions
– Build up to the punchline of your jokes steadily and slowly
– Deliver your jokes at the right moment – Critical!!

Don’t of Best Man Speech Jokes

– Don’t litter your speech with jokes
– Don’t use any rude or crude jokes in your speech
– Don’t use any jokes relating to sex. religion or politics
– Don’t tell any embarrassing jokes or stories about the couple
– Don’t use old, rehashed and cliched jokes

Great Best Man Speech One-Liners

It is usually best to start your speech with a funny and punchy one-liner. This will act as a great ice-breaker and set the mood for the rest of your speech. One liners are perfect, because they are short and to the point. Make sure the one-liners you use flow easily and naturally into your speech. Tie your one-liners to the groom or couple and put your personal touch to it. Here is a few examples of one liners you can use in your speech:

  • “Before marriage a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said; after marriage he’ll fall asleep before you finish saying it.” – Helen Roland
  • “In order to be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little; To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.”

Use Some Funny Best Man Speech Jokes

When using jokes in your speech be careful and make sure they don’t embarrass or offend anyone. Keep your jokes clean, classy and in good taste. The groom is probably your best friend and should remain so even after your speech. Pick jokes related to the wedding and make sure your deliver them with a bang! Here is some funny best man speech jokes you can use in your speech:

  • Marrying a man is like something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get home, but it doesn”t always go with everything in the house.” – Jean Kerr
  • Marriage resembles a pair of shears, so joined that they cannot be separated, often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who comes between them. – Sydney Smith

When you deliver your best man jokes put a smile on your face and humor in your voice. Give the guests some time to enjoy your joke before moving on with your speech. Best man speech jokes and one-liners are the perfect way to include some humor in your speech to make if funny and entertaining.

How Entertainment Is the Key

Holding a successful sales meeting is your number one priority. While there are numerous factors that can make or break your sales meeting – from scheduling, presentation, and format – there’s the wildcard option of entertainment that can lift this year’s sales meeting to new heights.

Compelling and interesting entertainment can help gather unfocused attention which can be handy when trying to focus an uninterested or bored audience.

But here’s the key: It’s not just entertainment that makes successful sales meetings – rather it’s the right kind of entertainment.

You may be wondering to yourself, “Entertainment would make for a successful sales meeting and could be a great method to focus my sales team. But what is the right kind of entertainment?”

Fortunately, there are plenty of professional entertainers with specifically tailored acts for corporate sales meetings.

These entertainers, which can range from motivational keynote speakers, to comedians, to professional mentalists, all have time and client-tested acts to entertain and inform your audience.

Different types of acts can serve different purposes. For example, a comedian can ease the tension and lighten the mood in the room. A magician can captivate and perk attendees’ attention. A funny motivational speaker can stir attendees’ energies and refocus them towards achieving their task.

When you’re searching for a professional entertainer to make your meeting a successful one, look at their previous clients list, watch their videos, and read testimonials about their performances. This will give you an idea if their act is a right fit for your group and whether they’re a quality act or they’re just claiming to be.

How do you get in contact with these acts? Call an entertainment booking agency. They work with hundreds of acts nationwide, all of them backed by positive testimonials. They also know what act will fit well with your group, what act will achieve your purpose, and which acts are reputable.